Sodium chlorite for producing chlorine dioxide

CAFFARO BRESCIA s.r.l. offers to the customers, in support of the application of Chlorine Dioxide, the management and coordination of the activities, from the feasibility study till the post-installation.


Caffaro Brescia s.r.l.has developed in its laboratories a new generation technology of chlorine dioxide, based on its own  knowledge and business experience, to meet the demands of customers committed to stricter regulations. Generation technology with submerged reactor is covered by Italian patents A000567RM2004, A0002388MI2007and international PCT/EP2008/010685.

Caffaro Brescia s.r.l. technical service has knowledge, skill and experience to define a technical proposal based on customer’s and site’s requirements and on the regulatory / legislative framework in force.

When appropriate, is able to run pilot trials to ensure results and effectiveness of the proposed treatment.

The generation system exploits the following reaction

5 NaClO2 + 4 HCl → 4 ClO2 + 5 NaCl + 2H2O

and is fed with sodium chlorite solution (25 or 31% w/w) and hydrochloric acid (32-34 % w/w). The system allows the production of high purity (> 95%) chlorine dioxide solution – certified by analytical determination of all the molecules possibly present (chlorine dioxide, chlorine, chlorate, un-reacted chlorite) – superior to that can be obtained by classic generators using the same reaction route.

This means, for the same chlorine dioxide dosed, a saving in the reagents’ consumption and a better quality of the treated water.

foto2Technical proposal

Based on the evaluation of the collected data, the treatment system is defined from the technical and economical points of view. The proposal is designed as a project, based on industrial standards, which include technological, engineering, analytical elements that fit the needs of the end user application (tailor made).

Supply of treatment system

The provision of the ClO2 treatment system is characterized by:

  • definition of technological parameters of the installation in the treatment chain
  • The choice of the construction materials (MOC) derived from the industrial construction standards of the plant of Brescia
  • Engineering active and passive safety devices to meet the industrial requirements of reliability to ensure system safety and environmental protection at the workplace
  • Evaluation, during the project phase, of the reliability and safety of the system (HAZOP) according to coded rules and procedures
  • Usability of the system that allows the operator an easy and intuitive use of the system
  • Flexibility of use of the system able to adapt to the possible variations required by the management of the treatment.



Caffaro Brescia s.r.l. coordinates and carries out, also taking care of administrative and documentary aspects of the Law, the installation and the assistance to the yard .


foto6Commissioning / start up

Caffaro Brescia s.r.l. support customer with services such as :

  •  system test, commissioning according to codified procedures
  •  check of the purity of the ClO2 generation system
  •  chemical and biological analytical support

Information / training

Caffaro Brescia s.r.l., after the installation, supplies the USER and MAINTENANCE MANUALS and the CE CERTIFICATION and performs a training course for a safe use of the generation system.

foto7Management / technical assistance

Caffaro Brescia s.r.l. offers a system of local control integrated to a remote one with transmission on time codified alerts to inform promptly ( sms alert ) about the function of the installed unit and programmed and uncommon maintenance with qualified personnel trained to work according to Law in force and with the use only of genuine spare parts .
Application’s support in time for treatment optimization .

foto8General references

  • The system generates chlorine dioxide in situ avoiding any transport of ClO2 solution in pipes through the site.
  • The system is usually designed for a single application point but a multiple distribution can also be provided.
  • Generator capacity range : 0,400 – 35,00 kg/h.
  • Size for outdoor standard installation in container: 4,00 * 2,50* 2,20 m.
  • Size for indoor installation: the system is tailor made and therefore can be adapted to the site requirements but, in any case, the minimum area is 3,00 * 2,00 * 2,10 m.
  • The reaction chamber, the heart of the generation system, is specifically designed according to capacity and injection point.
  • CE mark.
  • Noisiness of the system while functioning less than 55 dB.